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Free Trial
How long is the free trial?  What is included?
You get to try Realty Broker Office for Agents free for 15 days.  All product components are included.
How many accounts does my free trial include?
Your free trial includes one account.  When signing-on, leave number of accounts set to one; to get the free trial.
Can I add additional accounts?
Realty Broker Office for Agents is designed for the individual agent; letting the agent handle their business activities.
Is there a minimum number of accounts that I must purchase?  What if I just want one account?
Realty Broker Office for Agents is for each individual agent. It is designed for the agent to manage their business functions.
Why do I need a valid credit card for the Free trial?
We require a valid credit card number should you decide to continue utilizing Realty Broker Office for Agents after the trial period is over.  We will perform an authorization on your credit card, to make sure it is valid and in good standing, but we do not bill your card until the free trial period has passe
Why am I not eligible for another free trial?
The free trial is a promotional offer for first-time customers only. If you have already tried the software and would like to enjoy the exclusive benefits of Realty Broker Office for Agents, including support and upgrades, then please click here to get your system.
How do I cancel my system?
You can cancel anytime and stop the monthly (or annual) billing. However, there are no refund, prorated or otherwise, once you have been charged. 

To Cancel your system,
- Login to your system, go to Help /click to talk
- Submit a support ticketing requesting to cancel your system.  Your support ticket MUST include the following info:
your name, company name, last 4 digits of the credit card used when sign-on, and credit card expiration date.
How do I access my system?
Please refer to the information provide on your sign-on confirmation page. This information was also emailed to you.
Is there a Setup Fee?
There are no setup or maintenance fees.
Other Questions
How Safe And Secure Is My Data On Realty Broker Office for Agents?
Realty Broker Office for Agents is hosted in top tier national data centers. Extreme measures are taken to ensure the security and availability of your data at all times, including redundant power supplies, firewall protection, data redundancy and backup, and multiple redundant connections to the Internet backbone.
Realty Broker Office for Agents is online (internet based) real estate software, created for real estate agents; and it is design to handle your real estate business functions -- leads, listings, buyers, transactions, commissions, contacts, see list of features here.
What is Realty Broker Office for Agents
How long does it take to setup the system for my business?
Your system is setup and ready within minutes, after you get signed-on.  There is no waiting.  Once your system is ready, you will be provided a confirmation page and email with the necessary information to access your system.
Do you provide support?
Yes.  In the Help section of your system, use Click to Talk to connect with the support team.  We also provide training videos and a knowledge base full of information.
Is there user documentation in case I need more information?
Yes.  While the system is user friendly, we do include setup information, knowledge base search, and video training in the help section of your system.
I have an assistant.  Can we both use the same account?
Yes, both you and your assistant can share your account and login at the same time.
Is there a refund if I cancel before using it for the entire year?
If for any reason you are not satisfied, you can cancel anytime to discontinue your Realty Broker Office for Agents system. However, you will not be eligible for any refund (prorated or otherwise).